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Hauntingly melodic acoustic interpretations of well known classics

James Ridgers is a multi-instrumentalist and solo singer-songwriter from the beautiful Cotswolds in England, transplanted to the sun drenched warmth of Southern California.

Raised in a house filled with the sounds of military bands, big band swing, standard jazz, and theatrical musicals, James found his love for music in early shows performing with the Royal Air Force Singers, as well as various local bands around Oxfordshire at a time when Oxford was producing some of the world’s best new music (Radiohead, Supergrass, Hurricane #1, Ride, The Candyskins).

After leaving the Oxfordshire area in 1999 for a short stint in Scotland, James relocated to California in 2002.


Today, James has an established career in the software development industry and enjoys musical performance and session work as a dedicated and enthusiastic extra-curricular activity. His past works include performances with Nicholas Sainato (Nightly, The Strange Familiar, Nolan Neal), Danny Gorden and Carlos Rivera (Dead Man’s Party), Christian Steffen (Terra Nova, Real World Worship) and Mark Catalano (Taylor Grey, Hollowell).


Performing currently as a solo artist, James brings acoustic-driven interpretations of rock and pop classics from the 1970s through to today’s music.


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